X96 MAX Plus Android Box Running CoreElec

X96 MAX Plus Android Box Running CoreElec

X96 MAX Plus with 4GB RAM, 1Gb Ethernet and S905X3 SOC.

First of all, we need to download the right image – at the time of writing this howto, I have downloaded CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.2-Generic.img from coreelec official site https://coreelec.org/. Once we have the file, we need to use win32imager or similar sw to write the image to the sd card.

Once the card is done, go to the card`s root, open device_trees folder and copy the sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb file to the root of the sd card. Once the file is there, rename it to dtb.img. Insert the card into the sd card slot, press and hold the reset button (in the AV port) until the x96 logo is displayed and wait for the coreelec to boot up.

Push toothpick into the AV port to boot from sd card

Once it is fully up and running, login to the device using SSH protocol and copy following files to the /storage/.config:

  1. remote.conf – for IR remote controll
  2. vfd.conf – for front facing iluminated display

After this, go to ADDONS and donwload OpenVFD Service from repository in CoreElec. Set it up as per your needs and reboot. Go to settings, CoreElec, Hardware and select Inject BL301 blob. Reboot. The display and the remote should now work with no problems.

Front facing illuminated display with CoreElec

When everything works, we can start working on Wake on IR feature. With default settings, the IR remote controller is unable to wake device from stand by. We need to tell the system what IR code to expect to wake up. We can do this by capturing the code from IR remote and then save it to config.ini file.

Lets start with capturing the code:

Open the device using SSH and type in systemctl stop kodi then press enter and wait until Kodi stops. Once done type in systemctl stop eventlircd . Now type in following commad ir-keytable -u . Take your remote and press power button and you should get something like this: Received IRMP code: remotewakeup='0xbf40fe01', decode_type='0x0', remotewakeupmask='0xffffffff' . Get the remotewakeup='0xbf40fe01' text and open file /flash/config.ini and find the IR Setup section. In this section find the remotewakeup='0xXXXXXXXXX' and change the hex IR code to the one you got earlier.

Please note that to be able to save the config.ini, you need to do following:

To make /flash folder writable: mount -o rw,remount /flash

Then edit the config.ini with nano editor: nano /flash/config.ini

After saving the file type: sync && reboot

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